Lead Generation from The Hand

The Hand is a specialist new business development agency providing lead generation, business development services, marketing and PR services to creative, design and marketing communication agencies who require a dedicated resource on a regular basis.

The Hand works with expert consultants, who have each had in-house new business experience and work hands-on with clients to implement strategies for winning business from new clients. The Hand's client base covers all creative disciplines - from advertising, branding and digital through to retail interior design, sales promotion, production, graphic design and packaging.

We work in collaboration with our clients, to ensure that we are a visible part of their team. This enables us not only to fully absorb the agency culture but also to build stronger relationships and provide a more bespoke service. We become a strategic new business partner to advise on all aspects of the business development process. We work at all levels of intensity from the creation and execution of a new business strategy, to creating a marketing and PR toolkit, proposal writing, pitching as part of an agency team, and prospecting. We use an integrated approach, which involves the telephone, email, face to face networking at events and social media resources… but we do not 'cold call'. We warm call. A cold call is what it sounds like, 'cold'.

Our approach is to focus on engaging with a very targeted group of prospects. This means that we establish rapport, develop relationships and uncover key challenges in order to gain qualified opportunities in the form of meetings, briefs, pitches and immediate projects.

We also train across all the above areas.