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Time Well Spent

31.03.2021 by The Hand

Relationships are important in our family and social lives; they are also just as key in agency new business. But what are the essential ingredients to creating long and sustained relationships with new clients?


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Questions can be the answer

23.03.2021 by The Hand

Questions are key to any successful social interaction. They open up conversations and help to develop rapport. By asking more questions, you show interest and find out new things. Take dating, for example. No one wants to sit opposite their date and be talked at all night. You want your date to ask about you and the things you care about, as much as you want to hear about them. New business is really no different.

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Is ‘selling’ too sordid for creative agencies?

16.03.2021 by The Hand

Many of us struggle with the notion of ‘selling’. We don’t want to be seen as salespeople because it feels a bit grubby, for some reason. Yet, each of us do sell every single day. When we want to get a new idea across in a creative brainstorm, that’s selling. When we want to persuade our partner to go on that camping trip to the Lakes, we’re selling. When we try to convince our little ones to eat their broccoli, that’s selling. So, why do we get a bit uncomfortable about it when it comes to ‘selling’ in a new business context?

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