The Hand Talks

How to keep those wheels turning

by The Hand

So, here we are again… Lockdown 2.0: the sequel.

Whilst there’s a certain amount of déjà vu, we haven’t been caught totally off guard like the first time around.  Creative agencies have adjusted better to working remotely and have the experience and tools to ensure that it’s now just ‘business as usual’.

And because we know that this could well be how life has to be for the coming months ahead, we’re all a bit more in control and a bit less afraid.

There will continue to be difficulties ahead but there is also work out there to be won.

Companies need their brands and products to gain cut through, to stand out and connect with audiences in all environments. And so now isn’t the time to pause on your new business activity (whether in-house or externally sourced).

It is, however, time to:

1. Focus your efforts even more

Know your data and make sure you are targeting the right people with the right offer of support. Make sure you are using the latest research and data tools available, as these will help refine and speed up your targeting. Blanket approaches like cold calling and messaging on LinkedIn are definitely not the way to go (ever!).

It’s ok to reach out to new contacts, but do so in a researched, considered way.

You’ll want to make sure you’re not targeting those sectors that you know are struggling, unless you really do feel that you have a strong offer of help.

2. Tailor your proposition

What you offer as an agency is really key for most businesses at the moment and so helping potential clients understand how you might support them and help deliver their objectives is critical.

It sounds so obvious doesn’t it? But it’s surprising how many agencies don’t do this.

3. Keep looking ahead and keep reviewing

Things are so uncertain at the moment, so do keep reviewing and revising your growth plan.

What feels relevant now might not be in a couple of weeks so do make sure you keep re-visiting your plan and making tweaks as appropriate.


Your business needs to keep moving.  Nurturing your sales pipeline is absolutely fundamental to this.

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