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Creative businesses and AI

by The Hand

I was chatting recently with Keith Smith at The Advertist about the impact of and perception of AI – we all know what a hot topic it is!  It got me thinking a lot about AI’s positives and limitations in the context of both agency life and in business development…

As a growth strategist and business development expert to the creative industry, my team at The Hand are witnessing remarkable advancements with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful tool.

Amongst other things, AI has the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both content and campaign creation – relevant both for agencies themselves and business developers for those agencies. Added to which, AI-powered tools can analyse vast amounts of data to gain insights into customer and consumer preferences, enabling personalised content creation and precise targeting of campaigns. Algorithms can handle repetitive tasks such as data analysis, market research, and trend analysis, freeing up human creative professionals to focus on more strategic and imaginative aspects of content creation. It can provide inspiration and generate ideas by analysing existing content, trends, and consumer behaviour patterns. Analysing large volumes of data helps businesses make informed decisions and optimise their content and campaign strategies.

We all recognise AI can do phenomenal things like assimilate information rapidly and streamline business activities. But what it can’t do or replicate is personal connection and creative and critical thinking – all traits that are absolutely essential to new business / business development activity. Only human beings can do that!

At The Hand, we believe that AI should be viewed as a valuable resource that complements and augments the work of business development and creative professionalsThe ability to think outside the box and create ground-breaking concepts is a uniquely human trait.

Despite AI’s capabilities, AI lacks the emotional intelligence and human touch required to forge meaningful connections with audiences. Creative professionals bring their unique perspectives, empathy, and emotional understanding to the table, which cannot be replicated by AI. Equally, so do business development professionals!

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a powerful tool in the UK design and creative industry. But we shouldn’t fear it. We should simply see it for what it is: a valuable resource rather than a replacement for human creativity and connection.

By leveraging AI’s capabilities and combining them with the human touch, businesses can unlock new opportunities, deliver exceptional content, and build meaningful connections with their audiences. The possibilities are endless!

But we still need the humans.