The Hand Talks

Getting back to basics…how to talk to strangers

by The Hand

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it….new business is all about relationships.


But is today’s technology actually preventing us from developing meaningful relationships – both in business and in life more generally?

Have some of us forgotten the art of good conversation and where to start with someone new? Are you seeing more agency staff lacking confidence in how they go about this?

We’ve observed a lot of this and are seeing a growing trend of people over-estimating the power of persuasion via text based communications whilst vastly under-estimating the power of their persuasion via face-to-face communication.

If this resonates with you then have a listen to this podcast.

Our MD Natasha Ellard-Shoefield chats to Keith Smith from The Advertist and Peter Meikle Partner and Head of News & Media Relations EMEA, at PR agency FleishmanHillard UK about why we might be losing the art of human conversation and relationship-building.