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That Crucial Human Touch in B2B Sales

18.08.2023 by The Hand

In the complex arena of B2B sales and marketing, personalisation is the absolute cornerstone of successful engagement. The development of AI has undoubtedly reshaped how businesses approach marketing and sales, offering unprecedented efficiency in certain tasks. However, it’s vital to debunk the notion of AI being able to achieve successful personalisation and connection all on its own. It can’t.

Whilst AI can expedite processes, it fundamentally lacks the depth of human understanding of language nuances and emotion. Let’s delve a bit more into the symbiotic relationship between human expertise in personalisation and AI efficiency as a tool in the complex B2B world. Because whilst it’s clear it can make the process more efficient, what I see no evidence for is how AI can replace the human touch. I just don’t believe it can right now.

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Body language matters. Reading and giving off the right signals in new business meetings

19.07.2023 by The Hand

When you’re pitching for new business it’s often too easy to put the entire focus on ‘what’ you say, rather than how you come across.

It’s really easy to forget that so much of all communication is non-verbal and that it’s the things that you don’t say that can often convey the most information. The way you present yourself in a new business meeting is so important and so it’s worth thinking about how body language can set the tone of both that meeting but also of a future relationship.

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Creative businesses and AI

03.07.2023 by The Hand

I was chatting recently with Keith Smith at The Advertist about the impact of and perception of AI – we all know what a hot topic it is!  It got me thinking a lot about AI’s positives and limitations in the context of both agency life and in business development…

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Growth: it’s everyone’s business

05.06.2023 by The Hand

Staying focused on the growth of your agency will be vital this year. When you’re busy ‘working in the business’ and on client work, it can be tricky to find the time to focus on ‘working on the business’. So what’s the secret to ensuring that growth is always on the agenda?

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